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IFJ White paper on global journalism

Launched on UN human rights day, this white paper covers issues such as global freedom of expression, working conditions, youth and gender equality.

10 Dec 2020
Freelance Charter

10-point charter for freelances rights and benefits.

19 Nov 2020
Reporting poverty: a guide for media professionals

This guide is for journalists who want to report on these complex issues accurately, sensitively and powerfully.

16 Oct 2020
BMC Black History Month statement

Media reporting showed the youth, who defiantly marched on the streets of Britain in protest at the murder by US police of unarmed Black man George Floyd, were the heart and soul of the massive Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement this summer.

06 Oct 2020
IFJ Global platform for quality journalism

The IFJ has launched a series of global proposals in response to the coronavirus crisis.

04 May 2020
The Journalist April May 2020

The world of work is unrecognisable from just a short time ago.

14 Apr 2020
NUJ ethics and protocols for social media (2021)

Social media is a great source of news and features, both providing new and interesting contacts, showing trends of public interest and identifying possible stories. However, using social media for these reasons can raise new ethical dilemmas.

20 Dec 2019
Media guidelines: reporting on Muslims and Islam summary

Summary pamphlet of guidelines produced for the those working in any form of media, including print, broadcast and digital by the Scottish parliament’s cross-party group on tackling Islamophobia and endorsed by the NUJ.

05 Nov 2019
The Journalist May June 2019

It's not often that an event shakes our profession, our union and society as powerfully as the tragic death of Lyra McKee.

13 May 2019
Printable code of conduct

Members of the National Union of Journalists are expected to abide by the following professional principles.

26 Sep 2018

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