The Journalist October November 2018

  • 22 Oct 2018

Since the last edition of The Journalist we’ve had the TUC conference.


The Journalist October November 2018

Main feature

150 not out
Paul Routledge celebrates the TUC


  • Job losses at Mirror and Express
    Merged titles pooling resources
  • FT dispute over boss's pay
    Chief executive keeps part of rise
  • Clash over photographing gardaí
    Union resists blanket ban
  • TUC conference
    News reports


  • Reading Rusbridger
    Interview with ex Guardian editor
  • Allure of the 'dark side'
    More journalists choosing to go into PR
  • Lady Chatterley’s lawyer
    Looking back to 1960


  • Viewpoint
  • Obituaries
  • And finally…

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