The Journalist December 2018 January 2019

  • 17 Dec 2018

Russia can be a daunting place to be a journalist as the authorities tighten their grip and try to silence free-thinkers.


The Journalist December 2018 January 2019

Main feature

Resisting Russian Repression
Using humour against Putin


  • Fresh protests over arrested reporters
    Anger after bail decision
  • Local democracy problems
    Reporters complain of isolation
  • NUJ launches recruitment campaign
    Drive to reach new members
  • Number of journalists on the increase
    But fewer in traditional areas


  • Welsh politics' toxic heart
    The story of Carl Sargeant
  • #Metoo in the media
    Tackling workplace harassment
  • Media anniversary
    Looking back to 1927


  • Viewpoint
  • Starting Out
  • And finally…

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