Support for inquiry into Martin O’Hagan’s death

  • 26 Oct 2021

Delegates at the Irish Congress of Trade Unions biennial delegate conference, Belfast, have unanimously supported the NUJ’s campaign for an independent external investigation into the murder of Martin O’Hagan.

Conference accepted an NUJ amendment to a broad-ranging Unison motion on protecting the Peace Agreement. Speaking to the amendment, NEC member Kathryn Johnson , Belfast and district branch, said:

“Members of the NUJ have been murdered over the years: Martin O’Hagan and Lyra McKee in the North and Veronica Guerin in the Republic. These attacks are not a thing of the past. Media workers continue to face vile threats and attacks, many of them misogynistic in nature.  We are not alone in this. Since the start of this conflict, workers have been threatened, attacked, intimidated and killed. We salute their courage in continuing to do their jobs in the face of such heinous actions.

“Just last week Raymond McCord led a delegation to Downing Street of victims and survivors from the Ballymurphy and Bloody Sunday families, the victims of the Birmingham bombing, the Glenanne gang,  the Omagh bombing, and the slaughter of the  Reavey brothers. Their group, the Truth and Justice Movement represents victims and survivors from all sides of the conflict, from all faiths and none.

“Our murdered NUJ colleague, Martin O’Hagan, would have been one of the first to stand by their sides. Last month, on 28 September, was the 20th anniversary of Martin O’Hagan’s murder. Martin was killed because he knew too much. Like Lyra McKee, like Veronica Guerin and so many others, he had fearlessly shone a light in dark places. And when paramilitaries and criminals can’t shoot down the story, they resort to shooting the messenger.

"Members of the NUJ from all over Ireland held vigils in both Belfast and Derry to call for Justice for Martin O’Hagan. We were supported by other trades unionists, as well as human rights and community activists, who proudly watched the unveiling of the new banner in his memory. The NUJ has long called for an international investigation and we renewed that call on the 20th anniversary of his killing.”

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