Palestine: journalists interrogated by armed driver in Israeli ambulance

  • 07 Aug 2023

NUJ calls for urgent investigation following reports of an armed driver in an Israeli ambulance threatening journalists in the occupied West Bank.

The NUJ has joined the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) in condemning the interrogation of journalists by Israeli military officials, following threats against them by an unknown gunman.

On 2 August, according to reports by the Palestinian Journalists’ Syndicate (PJS), an armed man driving an ambulance with the Red Star of David emblem in the occupied West Bank, pointed a gun at local activist Ayman Ghrayyeb and Palestinian journalists Nasser and Ali Eshtayyeh, threatening to shoot them.

The driver instructed all three to evacuate the car traveling on a read near the Palestinian village Tamoun, following a change to their travel route after the Israeli army closed the main road to Palestinians. The PJS reports Nasser called the Israeli police on an emergency number, and officials attended in military convoys where an interrogation occurred without any information provided on the driver’s identity.

Nasser Abu Bakr, PJS president, highlighted the incident as part of violations against Palestinian journalists. Israel’s systematic targeting of journalists has been repeatedly condemned by the NUJ, and Bakr’s statement detailed the refusal of Israeli medics to provide assistance to Palestinian journalists and media workers injured by tear gas or Israeli fire when reporting.

The NUJ joins the IFJ and PJS in urging authorities to launch a thorough investigation into the incident, including clarity on the alleged use of an Israeli ambulance service.

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