Palestine: IFJ responds to accusations that Israel is targeting journalists in Gaza

  • 27 Oct 2023

NUJ joins concerns as the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) hears reports from Gaza that Israeli forces are targeting journalists.

Allegations have been made in several personal testimonies from journalists on the ground, as well as reports from the Palestinian Journalists Syndicate (PJS), and from news platforms such as Al Jazeera and The New Arab.

The death toll among journalists in Gaza is already extraordinarily high for a conflict that has lasted only three weeks, since 7 October. Were it true that this was the result of an intentional policy, then each death would constitute a war crime.

At least twenty-three Palestinian journalists have been killed, several have been injured and others are missing during on-going military operations between Hamas and Israel in the Gaza Strip. 

The IFJ and the NUJ call on the Israeli Government to make clear its policies in respect of protecting civilian life, and explain what steps it is taking to ensure that rules of engagement are being followed.

Tim Dawson, IFJ deputy general secretary said: 

“It is widely believed among journalists in Gaza that they, and their families are being deliberately targeted by Israeli soldiers and rocket fire. In the febrile atmosphere of war, it is vital that the Israeli Government answers these accusations, and commits itself to protecting the welfare of journalists in the future”.

The IFJ is working closely with its affiliate PJS to verify information and to document the killings of journalists and media workers since the start of the Israel-Hamas war. More information: here.

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