• 28 Mar 2024

NUJ members at STV were out on strike over pay. They were on picket lines in Glasgow, Aberdeen and Dundee and gathered at Holyrood, Edinburgh, where MSPs showed support.

News on Good Morning Britain came from Border TV, so viewers in Inverness were treated to weather reports from Carlise. “Hey STV @STV what happened to the regional news on GMB just now, we got the Dumfries & Galloway news from Border TV.” said one disgruntled tweeter.

The Scottish Sun's headline was "Telly Chaos".

The flagship STV News at Six show, usually presented by John MacKay and Kelly-Ann Woodland, was pulled to be replaced by a repeat of Sean’s Scotland, where the weather presenter travels to the East Neuk of Fife to make cheese.

Neil Bibby, Scottish Labour MSP for West Scotland, raised the NUJ's pay dispute in the Scottish Parliament during First Minister's Questions, saying the journalists deserved a fair pay deal. Humza Yousaf, agreed,and urged STV back to the negotiation table.

The STV members are seeking a 6 per cent rise to keep pace with inflation after a record cost-of-living crisis last year. The company has offered this increase for the bottom 3 per cent of earners, saying it cannot afford to pay more for the remaining staff despite making over £20m in profit on record revenues last year.

A second strike day has been set for Tuesday 16 April with further industrial action expected if the situation cannot be resolved. More on the STV strike page.

"Solidarity with NUJ members striking at STV in their fight for fair pay. Sending support to you all on the picket line!" Natasha Hirst, NUJ president

The Group Chapel at National World stand in support and solidarity of our fellow journalist colleagues at Scottish Television. Despite announcing record-breaking profits of £20.1m, the company refuses to pay its staff an increase of 6%, while at the same time making dividend payments to shareholders. Your fight is our fight, and we know that by standing strong together, we can make a difference.

Reach NUJ Group Chapel sends solidarity greetings to colleagues in the STV chapel who are taking a stand today to secure a pay deal that properly reflects the success of the company in generating strong profits. It is NUJ members in STV who help create the wealth that the business generates, and they deserve to have a fair distribution of this as one of the key stakeholders of the company. We urge STV bosses to get round the table to negotiate a fair settlement to resolve this dispute. 

Newsquest NUJ Group Chapel applauds union colleagues at STV in standing up for a better pay deal. Journalists are undervalued throughout the industry but there is a clear case for STV to find an improvement in its offer that takes proper account of the profitability of the company. We stand solidly in support of members taking action to win a better deal at STV. We hope management will have the good sense to get round the table with the NUJ to resolve this matter as soon as possible in the best interests of all concerned.

South West England branch sends its solidarity to colleagues at STV as you go out on strike. Employers can’t be allowed to think that paying shareholders is more important than rewarding staff fairly. More power to you.

The international community of journalists sends full solidarity to our colleagues in who are striking today at STV – Scotland’s public broadcast news channel. They deliver a top-quality news service, and deserve pay that at least keeps pace with rising prices. Your struggle is our struggle. Anthony Bellanger, general secretary the International Federation of Journalists

#STV is a brilliant news provider. Its journalists deserve pay that keeps pace with inflation. Shame on the company that their pay offer is so poor – full solidarity with colleagues who are striking today. #NUJSTVStrike Tim Dawson, deputy general secretary the International Federation of Journalists 

The BBC Aberdeen, Dundee, Orkney and Shetland chapel expresses support to all striking journalists at STV. We stand in solidarity with members fighting for a fair pay to reflect their important work.

The NUJ's Ethics council sends a message of solidarity to all STV journalists on strike in their fight for fair pay. With operating profits of over £20m, the STV board must swiftly rethink its position and settle this pay dispute, recognising the hard work of journalists who have contributed greatly to the success of the company.

Solidarity with NUJ members at STV are on strike on Thursday 28 March after a ballot showed overwhelming support in favour of industrial action following the break down in pay talks at the Scottish broadcaster. Kevin Cooper

I hope the STV members are successful in bringing management to negotiations and getting what they want. Quality journalism is always important but it seems more crucial than ever at the moment, with threats from technology, the political maelstrom surrounding everyone during an election year and huge financial pressures as the news industry evolves. Wherever NUJ activists may be, they will be proud of union colleagues for their determination and encouraging the trade union movement as a whole to stand in solidarity with them as they take action. Adam Christie

On behalf of the Welsh Executive Council and NUJ members throughout Wales, we send solidarity to our colleagues in STV who are taking strike action today in their fight for better pay.  At a time when STV has made record-breaking revenues and rewarded shareholders by paying the same dividend as in 2022, STV must not further erode the pay of its hardworking and talented staff.  STV must come back with a fair pay offer for its dedicated journalists.

Solidarity to all the NUJ members in STV who are taking industrial action today for a fair pay rise. STV’s record revenues and massive profit show the employer can more than afford it.  Ian McGuinness, NUJ Irish Organiser

Stand united with the people who bring you the news you need to know. This is a fair ask for a cost-of-living increase in salaries as STV continue to make millions. We stand with our NUJ members at STV as they say: "I deserve decent pay."  Bob/Roy Miller

Solidarity to Sisters and Brothers on strike in STV, Best of luck in your struggle. Anton McCabe

Wishing colleagues at STV well in their fight for better pay on behalf of the NUJ Manchester team and members in the North and Midlands of England. Chris Morley, Northern & Midlands Senior Organiser

On behalf of the members of Belfast and District NUJ we wish to assure members at STV of our support and solidarity at this time.  Anne Hailes chair

Solidarity and best wishes from Dublin Freelance branch

Good luck to NUJ #nujstvstrike workers. You have my backing in your fight for workplace justice Chris Frost

The PA NUJ chapel committee offers its support to those at STV who are taking action for better pay and hopes an amicable solution can be reached.

You are fighting for the future of high quality public television which is provided by members of the NUJ who deserve a proper pay rise.   Lewis Akers, rep for Unite The Union

Solidarity and best wishes from Dublin Freelance branch.

The Highland Branch of the NUJ expresses support for hard working union members at STV for taking strike action for a fair pay settlement. Chair Olivia Bell and Secretary Andrew Thomson.

The STUC 's Fair Work training event sent solidarity and support to @NUJScotland @STVNews  members. "They're out on strike today fighting for the future of fair work. It's time they got fair pay."

Good luck to everyone at STV taking industrial action today. I and everyone in the Edinburgh Evening News supports the action you are taking and hopes for a positive outcome.  Kevin Quinn, Edinburgh Evening News NUJ chapel rep.

Best wishes and solidarity from the NUJ in East Yorkshire.

A company making handsome profits and revenues can afford to give its journalists a decent pay rise at a time of high living costs. We send our full support and solidarity. Guardian and Observer chapel.

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