NUJ Reach Group Chapel pass vote of no confidence in senior management team 

  • 17 Mar 2023

The decision follows recent announcements to make significant cuts to editorial roles.  

At a group chapel meeting on 17 March, National Union of Journalists reps from across Reach passed a vote of no confidence in the publisher’s chief executive and senior management team. The vote was passed unanimously, reflecting the widespread dismay, shock and anger from members at the scale of the cuts being proposed.  

The plans announced this week, which will lead to significant losses in editorial roles, come only two weeks after the most recent company cuts were concluded. Many of those at risk in the previous redundancy process find themselves at risk again.  

Laura Davison, NUJ national organiser, said: 

“Members and reps are devastated and angry at the decision to cut such a huge number of jobs. In some cases half of certain teams are going and in others people are not clear about the choices being made. The uncertainty created for everyone within the business and the impact for those who may be left behind is affecting everybody, whether they are at risk or not.

“For those who have just spent recent months at risk and then thought their job was secure, to now be told their livelihood is once again at risk and that they are back in the same stressful place is horrendous. Today’s no confidence vote is a reflection of the strength of feeling amongst journalists across the company, and how deeply worried they are about their job security and how the company’s strategy affects them and their families.

“There is a lack of hope and confidence in the decisions being made - about the direction of travel, the shape of the business in future, about the ever-changing priorities and about how the process is being handled. NUJ reps are committed to standing up for local journalism and to showing solidarity with one another in dealing with these cuts. The union continues to support members, including those involved in the latest round of redundancies.” 

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