NUJ extra Feedback Policy 2020 June

  • 01 Jun 2020

We welcome your feedback and suggestions – both positive and negative – so we can learn and continually improve.

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Please note:

There is no appeal over the grant decisions of the trustees. All grants are discretionary and the decisions to award or not award a grant and how much to award are entirely at the discretion of the trustees. The guidelines we publish each year are to help applicants, welfare officers, and trustees, but they are not rules and do not bind us. We may make a grant to someone who falls outside our guidelines or reject an application from someone who appears to fall within our guidelines.

If you have any concerns about the administrative support, we have provided please do let us know. Please detail what happened, how you feel we could have done better and how we should rectify any mistakes. We will respond in full as promptly as possible but normally no later than ten working days.

If you are not satisfied with our response, you may request that the entire board of trustees consider the issue. This may take longer as the trustees normally only meet quarterly. We may be able to organise a special meeting, but we will notify you of the likely timeframe. Please outline why you are not happy with the response and what you feel the trustees should do.

If you remain unhappy with that response you may consider complaining to the Charities Commission. However, it states: "The Commission’s involvement in looking at complaints is limited to issues that pose a serious risk of significant harm to a
charity’s beneficiaries, assets, services or reputation."

Chris Wheal

June 2020

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