NUJ chapel opposes compulsory redundancies

  • 20 Oct 2022

The Reach group chapel has passed a motion calling on the publisher to ensure suitable alternative employment is sought for all members put at risk.

The motion was passed at a meeting of the group chapel on 14 October. 

The motion reads:

This group chapel is disturbed to learn of members being put at risk of redundancy around the business and deplores the lack of proper notification to the union in some cases about these potential cuts.

The group chapel is resolutely opposed to compulsory redundancy and will provide full support to all chapels where members face being forced out.

Reach is a large employer with a vast range of roles being undertaken, many operating remotely, so there can be no need to make compulsory redundancies where small numbers are put at risk.

This group chapel expects all those members put at risk who want to remain with the company to be found suitable alternative employment.

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