NUJ Business Insider chapel statement on redundancies 

  • 26 Jan 2024

The chapel has expressed its shock and concern over staff mental well-being following the company's announcement of job cuts.

On 25 January, we were shocked and saddened to hear that Business Insider would be cutting 8 per cent of its newsroom, with beats “refocused” for several remaining journalists. We urge Business Insider to engage meaningfully with the NUJ and note the pool of journalists at risk in the UK includes both women journalists and men of colour. The Business Insider chapel extends its solidarity to colleagues in the United States also affected by proposals.

On 12 December 2023, the Central Arbitration Committee formally recognised our chapel, and the process of creating the Recognition Agreement with the National Union of Journalists began. We are disappointed with the lack of consultations prior to the recent announcement and would have welcomed engagement in the process.

Despite staff seeking clarity from the company, journalists did not receive adequate timely communication from Spriha Srivastava, UK bureau chief, following the announcement of job cuts. Journalists are understandably frustrated and concerned about their future at Business Insider, and the chapel is urging its leadership to ensure ongoing concerns held by journalists are addressed.

Journalists working tirelessly and relentlessly to hit huge traffic goals, contributing to the company’s success are surprised cost cutting measures are being sought in this way. Many have commented on trips undertaken by senior management, likely to have cost considerable sums. Improved communication and clear strategic direction must be prioritised by Business Insider.

At least three roles at risk are on what was the Life division of Business Insider. Entertainment and Lifestyle were areas that were promised to be a priority by the company’s Global Editor-in-chief Nich Carlson when he visited the London office at the end of 2023. Journalists are concerned about an increased focus on trends, instead of building a real audience.

The chapel is concerned about declining mental well-being of journalists, many of whom no longer feel they can trust leadership has their best interests at heart.

We look forward to management’s meaningful engagement with the chapel to find the best outcome for all those concerned."

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