DM2021: the Journalist magazine

  • 22 May 2021

Online or print? Delegates were divided.

Conference voted for a feasibility study on replacing the Journalist magazine with a daily online publication “with greater reach and relevance to working in present day conditions” and also, in another motion, to offer a print version to those who prefer that format.

Gerald Cunningham, said his Dublin branch motion was not meant to be a criticism of the magazine, but posting out a printed version cost £100,000 and was a luxury the union could not afford. He said it would be good to see it online and more up to date and that young people would be more likely to read it in that format. The motion was carried to undertake a feasibility study.

A later Manchester and Salford branch motion called for the union to provide printed versions of the Journalist for those who want it. The magazine has been online as a cost-saving measure during the pandemic. Simon Chapman, of the Photographers’ Council, said he hoped to see the print version restored.

James Doherty, Glasgow branch, said that even with the subs increase the union would not be awash with cash and now was not the time to incur that expense. It was better spent on the union’s other communications and campaigning work.

Rachel Broady, Manchester and Salford branch, said:

"There should be the option for people to have a print copy, I don't think that is a lot to ask to ensure all members, including unemployed members, retired members and poor members, can have access to a printed version of the magazine.” 

The motion was carried.

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