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PSNI report on access to journalist’s records grounds for grave concern

The NUJ has expressed grave concern at a report of the PSNI Chief Constable regarding the use of covert powers against journalists and lawyers.

Attendees hold posters and wave NUJ flags as they pose for a photo with NUJ Belfast& District branch banner with red NUJ logo.

07 Jun 2024
NUJ hails PSNI review as "important step towards transparency"

The union will participate in an advisory group as part of an independent review of PSNI use of surveillance against groups including journalists.


04 Jun 2024
NUJ backs Northern Ireland Policing Board request for urgent meeting with PSNI Chief Constable

The union welcomed the request by the chair and vice chair of the board for an urgent meeting with  the Chief Constable of the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) following this week’s revelations around use of surveillance powers to spy on journalists.

NUJ logo (website).png

NUJ demands emergency NI Policing Board meeting on sinister surveillance of journalists  

The shocking revelations at the Investigatory Powers Tribunal hearing in London yesterday about the scale and nature of PSNI surveillance of journalists and lawyers in Northern Ireland have led to a demand for an emergency meeting of the Northern Ireland Policing Board.

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NUJ welcomes BBC call for inquiry into police surveillance of a journalist

The union has welcomed the decision of the BBC to write to the Investigatory Powers Tribunal about the alleged police surveillance of former journalist Spotlight journalist Vincent Kearney

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Police laid surveillance trap for journalists

Tim Dawson, IFJ deputy general secretary, reports from the Investigatory Powers Tribunal hearing where grave breaches by the PSNI over journalists’ surveillance and attempts to uncover a source have been disclosed.

Tim Dawson and Natasha Hirst

Letter of protest to the Police Service of Northern Ireland

NUJ Belfast and District Branch to inform PSNI chief constable about concern over state surveillance of Barry McCaffrey and Trevor Birney.

Barry McCaffrey and Trevor Birney Dublin.jpg

Irish government pressed to hold an investigation into the murder of Martin O’Hagan

NUJ writes to Micheál Martin, Tánaiste and Minister for Foreign Affairs, renewing its call for urgent action 22 years after Martin O'Hagan's death.

Martin O'Hgana NUJ May Day 2001

PSNI unlawfully monitored “No Stone Unturned” journalist’s communications 

NUJ condemns unlawful surveillance of Barry McCaffrey by the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) and calls for an open hearing into events.   

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​​​​​​​NUJ seeks Truss support for O’Hagan murder investigation 

The union has renewed its demands for an international investigation into the killing of the Sunday World reporter.

Martin O'Hagan

27 Sep 2022

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