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TUCG: Trade unions fighting racism and the far-right

Building solidarity in workplaces and communities.

04 Dec 2020
BMC Black History Month statement

Media reporting showed the youth, who defiantly marched on the streets of Britain in protest at the murder by US police of unarmed Black man George Floyd, were the heart and soul of the massive Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement this summer.

06 Oct 2020
Media guidelines: reporting on Muslims and Islam

Ethical reporting guidelines produced by the Scottish parliament’s Cross Party Group (CPG) on tackling Islamophobia and endorsed by the NUJ.

06 Nov 2019
Media guidelines: reporting on Muslims and Islam summary

Summary pamphlet of guidelines produced for the those working in any form of media, including print, broadcast and digital by the Scottish parliament’s cross-party group on tackling Islamophobia and endorsed by the NUJ.

05 Nov 2019
Improvements to gender pay gap reporting requirements

The NUJ has called for a number of changes to the gender pay gap auditing requirements:

NUJ briefing to the DCMS session on pay at the BBC on Wednesday 31 January

Publication of the list of on-air staff earning more than £150,000 last summer put the spotlight of the problem of equal pay at the BBC. Of the list only one third were women, and of the 96 named only 10 were from black or minority backgrounds.

The Journalist December 2017 January 2018

It’s that time of the year again to look back, take stock and look forward.

Race reporting guide

Guidelines for journalists to follow when dealing with race relations.

29 Jul 2014