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National Pensioners’ Convention, October 1, 2021

Report on the National Pensioners’ Convention webinar Connections for All: digital & the right to choose

Senior Reporter issue 4

News from the 60+ Council of the NUJ.

13 Jan 2020
NPC Pensioners’ Parliament 2019

Report from the NUJ 60+ Council’s 4 delegates: Jenny Sims, Mary Brodbin, Julian Swainson and Jim Symons.

Dementia-friendly media and broadcast guide

This is a practical guide from the Alzheimer's Society for media, broadcast and creative sectors representing or reporting on dementia.

17 Oct 2018
The Journalist July August 2018

Copyright has been under sustained attack in the digital age, whether it is through flagrant breaches by people hoping they can use photos and content without paying or genuine ignorance by some who believe that if something is downloadable then it’s free.

02 Jul 2018
The Journalist March April 2018

Equal pay has been a major campaigning issue for women for 50 years now, ever since women car workers in Dagenham staged their strike for pay parity.

06 Mar 2018