Tribute to James Doleman

  • 30 Oct 2023

NUJ pays tribute to the outstanding reporter who has sadly died.

The National Union of Journalists paid tribute to James Doleman, who has died after a decade of illness – most of which he worked through. Doleman specialised in reporting high-profile legal cases, notably the trials of Tommy Sheridan and Alex Salmond, and Julian Assange’s extradition hearings: he was also a regular contributor to Byline Times. A member, and committed supporter of the NUJ for more than 30 years, he spoke about court reporting to a meeting of the London Freelance Branch in 2020.

Tim Dawson, former NUJ president said:

“I became friends with James when we shared the press bench over many weeks covering the Assange extradition hearings between 2020 and 2022. He was an outstanding reporter – able to spot in an instant a telling phrase, and convert it into copy a moment later. He filed twice a day, with reports of great insight and impeccable accuracy. Despite a background in revolutionary politics, he loved the machinations of court process, as well has having an astute eye for the characters who propelled proceedings. What I will most miss, however, is his fierce intellect, sense of fun, and loyal friendship.”

Doleman lived in, and spent most of his life, in Glasgow. He was diagnosed with cancer in 2013. Until a few weeks ago, he was advised that it was treatable, but in September learned that he had only weeks to live. 

James Doleman, 1966-2023.

© Tim Dawson


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