The Journalist February March 2021

  • 25 Feb 2021

As we begin to see a way out of lockdown restrictions and as Spring approaches there is more optimism in the air.

Main feature

The Journalist
  • No place for abuse at work
  • What can be done about bullying


  • Fighting for Freedom of Information
    Call to put pressure on the Government
  • HMRC failed freelances, say MPs
    Urgent explanations called for
  • Climbdown after photographer’s arrest
    Police held journalist in a cell for hours
  • Irish media needs extra cash
    NUJ lobbies media commission


  • Spotlight on Glasgow
    How journalism is faring in the city
  • Climate changers?
    Should the media be doing more
  • Quick on the draw
    Looking back to 1895


  • Technology
  • Obituaries
  • And finally...

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