The Journalist August September 2021

  • 01 Aug 2021

In this issue, we look at the pros and cons of homeworking.

In the new issue, we look at the pros and cons of homeworking following an extensive survey by the union’s Oxford branch into publishing workers’ experiences.

We also look at the more positive aspects of staying in touch with people while staying at home through the greater connectivity that technology has delivered.

Main feature

  • All well on the home front?
    Pros and cons of remote working


  • Plan for gag on journalists
    Reporters treated like spies
  • BBC staff ‘pushed to the limit’
    NUJ warns over staff morale
  • Journalists as spyware target
    Governments’ plans revealed
  • ‘Mean-spirited’ Newsquest
    Anger over ‘fire and rehire’
  • Channel 4 up for sale?
    Consultation on privatisation


  • Spotlight on Exeter
    The media-friendly city
  • Remembering lives
    Pandemic highlights obituaries
  • Inside Out
    Looking back to outside broadcasts


  • Technology
  • Obituaries
  • And finally...

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