Support the Free Assange Now! campaign

  • 24 Mar 2023

The union continues to support the International Federation of Journalists’ “Free Assange Now!” campaign, urging for all charges against Assange to be dropped.

The National Union of Journalists (NUJ) has repeated its calls for the release of Julian Assange and for an end to his extradition being pursued by the United States government.

Assange faces a possible 175 year sentence if convicted of charges including those brought under the Espionage Act. His extradition risks creating a chilling effect for any journalist considering reporting or publishing material on the US government, thus posing a wider threat to journalism. 

NUJ members have been vocal in their opposition to Assange’s extradition, attending a human chain demonstration last year and organising events to raise awareness of the implications of his extradition.  

Members can support the campaign and raise awareness of it, by using #FreeAssangeNOW on social media. 

IFJ president joins human chain for Assange

NUJ members joined thousands of free speech supporters opposing the extradition of Julian Assange at a protest in London.

08 October 2022


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