• 15 Mar 2023

Solidarity messages and images from pickets on 15 March.

NUJ members working in tv, online and radio at BBC Local are taking part in 24hour strike action from 11am today. They are opposing plans by the broadcaster to make drastic cuts to local radio, including the sharing of output between stations after 2pm on weekdays and weekends. More detail on why members are striking is on our campaign page

Solidarity messages and support for strikers are live across social media. Join them by tweeting #NUJBBCstrike   #KeepBBCLocalRadioLocal 

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Solidarity images from picket lines

Solidarity messages from picket lines


"Solidarity to teachers, junior doctors, public sector workers, uni staff, transport workers & BBC local journalists on strike today. I look forward to joining some of you on picket lines & rallies today". Kate Osborne MP

"Solidarity from a former FoC, Branch chair and industrial council vice chair". Hollins

"I am in full support of our hardworking BBC Local Radio Journalists. In the past we won many battles against those that would destroy this vital local broadcasting service and I’m certain that with solidarity we can beat this threat again. United I stand with them." John Fray, broadcaster and former NUJ deputy general secretary.

"Tim Davies' 'value for all' strategy is measured by more people saying 'The BBC is for people like Me'. BBC local radio delivers this every day and should be central to his plan, rather than cut back. It ensures people hear local issues that matter to them, covered properly on the BBC. It also ensures people hear people that sound like them on air too." In solidarity, BBC Long Form Audio

“We, members of the Regional Political Unit in the BBC Westminster NUJ chapel, want to express our full support for colleagues in regional television, local radio and news online who are striking this Wednesday and Thursday.  Members in Millbank are part of the BBC News division, and as such weren’t balloted for industrial action. We are, therefore, contractually obliged to work. However, we will not provide any more content than we normally would do.” BBC Westminster chapel

"Solidarity with our colleagues at the BBC today. The way local media is being stripped back across the board is something we should be incredibly alarmed by." Newcastle Chronicle and Journal NUJ Chapel

"Solidarity with all NUJ members on picket lines today". Kevin Cooper

"Stay strong you hvae my suport. Local radio is a very important part of the BBC and they are mad to mess with it, I'm sorry for the pain. Sending positive, powerful vibes for you all. Your message is heard loud and clear even by MPs, so tell them again, and shout loud," T Barber

"GMB Members at the NUJ send their solidarity and best wishes to all NUJ members at the BBC striking this week to keep local news local.  We, as members working in an organisation representing journalists, recognise how vitally important local news is to so many members of our community, particularly those accessing local radio which shows such popularity and high levels of access.

"We know striking and the work to rule that follows isn't a step you've taken easily but know that we stand with you and support you every step of the way." GMB NUJ staff group.

"The SIPTU members of the NUJ staff, send support and solidarity to all striking today from the BBC".  

"Against the background menace of misinformation and mendacity everywhere, the value of public service broadcasting has never been greater. Therefore the importance of the strikers' stand is impossible to overstate and we must offer every encouragement in their battle." Tony Jones, Dublin 

"Solidarity from the NUJ Irish Office to all of the union’s members in the BBC Local, who have just begun a 24 hour strike in opposition to the broadcaster’s plans for drastic cuts to local radio."

"The Highland chapel of the NUJ at BBC Scotland voices solidarity with colleagues at BBC Local in England in standing up to protect jobs and services."

"The Leeds and West Yorkshire Branch of the NUJ stands with BBC colleagues today as they take action in defence of local radio stations that 5.7 million listeners tune in to every week. Those listeners deserve quality services that reflect life in their communities, with relevant local news that they can trust.

"The journalists going on strike have not taken the decision to do so lightly. They're walking out because they care deeply about local radio and public service broadcasting - and they understand the threat that the BBC's plans pose to those highly-valued services. They have our full support." Leeds and West Yorkshire Branch

"Solidarity and best wishes from the National World NUJ Group Chapel to all the members taking part in this action in defence of local radio services. We hope BBC management will listen to the many concerns that have been raised and think about the millions of listeners who will be affected if they push ahead with these damaging plans to cut back on quality local content."  National World NUJ Group Chapel

"Massive solidarity from BBC Radio & Future Media Chapel to NUJ members taking strike action today!  Your campaign to Keep BBC Local Radio local is crucial to the future of the BBC.  Our chapel members, who work on BBC national radio, know how important our sister services in BBC local radio are to our listeners - you reach the parts we can't.  Hope today's action helps BBC management see sense, and all good wishes for the success of your campaign!" BBC Radio & Future Media Chapel

 "The German Union of Journalists (dju) in ver.di supports the National Union of Journalists (NUJ)'s criticism of the suspension of commentator Gary Lineker. We also fully support the fact that the BBC's local staff are on strike on Wednesday and Thursday over cuts to local radio. We wish the affected colleagues assertiveness and success with their demands." German Union of Journalists

"We at the NUJ BBC Sport Chapel just wanted to express our solidarity with today’s NUJ England strike. Many of our members have worked at BBC local and regional stations and know their importance to their communities. Local sport coverage is so important to the BBC’s remit and provide an irreplaceable service. Congratulations on your strong and resolute stance and we hope you achieve your goals." NUJ BBC Sport Chapel.

"Radio Foyle covers the North-West of Ireland. The staff cuts there affect Donegal as well as Derry and Tyrone. The Irish Government should take this up with the NIO as well as the BBC. Any attack on journalism at this Very Delicate time for the North-West, is doubly dangerous." Ronan Brady (NUJ, Dublin P&PR)

"On behalf of the BBC Glasgow and Edinburgh Chapel, we’d like to express our solidarity with you in your strike to protect local radio. We understand how important what you do is for the audience and how much they appreciate the programmes you make. We know all too well that services in Scotland could be next. Your fight is our fight too.

"The decision to strike can’t have been easy and it will have a direct impact on you and your families. But it is why we are part of a Union. We fight for each other and hold strong together. This is how we can make change and protect each other." BBC Glasgow and Edinburgh Chapel

"Solidarity from Derry NW Ireland Branch and Omagh Trades Union Council"

"Solidarity from the Oxford NUJ branch. Great spirit, great turnout on the BBC Oxford picket line today!"

"London Freelance Branch applauds colleagues fighting to save wonderful BBC Local Radio, nothing like it! the country needs It. There's nothing like it and everyone should support our journalists fighting to keep it truly local.

"England needs it. Outside London there is no significant commercial talk radio that serves whole communities. Our colleagues, like other public service staff, are fighting not just for their jobs but for the future of their service -- for all of us, as the BBC slogan goes.

"Solidarity from the other 10 affiliates from the Trade Union Coordinating Group."

"I fully support the Strikes held by NUJ members against the cuts to all local radio and BBC Radio Merseyside in particular. Local Radio is an essential part of the local community. It offers information and support to everyone in the area and to many people it is a friendly voice when they may not have contact with anyone else.

"It is disgraceful that the BBC propose to reduce local programming to just 40 hours per week. I want to listen to local news and information that reflects the area I live in and I want access to that information for more than 5 hours per day. Hang your heads in shame BBC. You are betraying the very people you should support.  Public Service Broadcasting should be just that. A service to the Public. " Sue Kay

"Solidarity from NUJ Disabled Members’ Council. Disabled audiences rely heavily on locally produced news, and many disabled people would be excluded by the Digital First strategy."

"I applaud former BBC colleagues and NUJ members across the country in standing up for BBC Local Radio today. I've worked for three of the stations in Yorkshire and the North East and I've seen how much this service means to people who would otherwise not access BBC services. Keep fighting to Keep BBC Local Radio Local!" John Gelson

"A good turnout in Nottingham by BBC staff and members of the Nottingham NUJ branch plus members of the PCS who were also on strike picketing a nearby building. We are also concerned about our Reach members some of whom face redundancy following yesterday's announcement." Diana Peasey, Nottingham

"Radio is free, and doesn’t need WiFi or even electricity, so anyone can listen using a battery-operated radio, even in a power cut. To go online, you need to pay for broadband. Solidarity." Lynn D

"Solidarity from Bristol branch. We had a good solid picket at BBC Bristol NUJ action has also brought local Points West TV news bulletins off air and BBC Radio Bristol is severely affected."

"Solidarity from Leeds and West Yorkshire Branch."

"Dundee Branch stand solidly with all BBC Strikers. In solidarity. Jim Symons Branch Secretary"

"Standing in solidarity with all my colleagues today (from the virtual picket line today via BBC Radio London branch)" Fiona


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