NUJ Scotland welcomes journalists covering COP26 in Glasgow

  • 01 Nov 2021

The union has provided guidance to members covering the conference and climate emergency demonstrations.

The NUJ  has provided advice on reporting public order events, and will continue to support members throughout the fortnight. The union is also working closely with Police Scotland.

If you are not a member of the union, you might like to consider what you will do if you are arrested, or even charged. You can read here how the NUJ recently assisted a photographer member who was arrested unlawfully.

If you wish to talk to a NUJ official about the benefits of union membership,  feel free to contact us on [email protected]

NUJ members covering the climate change conference need to plan accordingly and take appropriate health and safety precautions. Our guidance document gives health and safety tips, advice when dealing with the police and emergency legal numbers to ensure those covering the event feel prepared, safe and supported.

NUJ advice for COP26

Always carry your UK National Press Card (UKPCA)/for Ireland NUJ Press Card in an accessible place and use it to identify yourself. Ensure you are protected by adequate insurance and conduct your own risk assessment before working. Make sure you have your NUJ membership number (not press card number) to hand if you need support from the union or Thompsons solicitors.

Always carry a copy of the NUJ's and Thompsons solicitors emergency phone number in case you need help. Thompsons operate a 24-hour emergency number for work-related criminal matters. THOMPSONS SOLICITORS SCOTLAND ON 07718 416 084.

The NUJ held a briefing meeting for members and Police Scotland (PS). Steve Smith, head of news PS, said that if journalists become the target of protesters and are assaulted, the police will take action. He said: “If the media wants to report problems with the way police officers have behaved, they should call 01786 896000.”

There will be 10,000 police on operation and will be abiding by Police Scotland rules. Chris Starr, head of communications Police Scotland, said kettling was not used by PS. He said: “Our whole approach is based upon human rights and people’s right to protest and our aim is to be as friendly, open and transparent as possible in our dealings with the press and public.”   PS statement

Police liaison officers can be recognised in their light blue tabards and are there to help facilitate peaceful protests and protect the safety of everyone involved.

Useful info & numbers

Police Scotland (PS) can be contacted on [email protected]01786 896000.  This is a 24-hour service during COP26. Follow police reports on Twitter @PoliceScotland.  Previous briefings and content published by Police Scotland.  Website for latest news.

Glasgow City Council's COP26 team has produced a series of bespoke media resources to assist press and broadcasters.

A Destination Media Hub will be at 40 John Street, G1 1JL, within the COP26 host city zone. It will operate daily from 9.00 to 19.00 from Thursday 28 October to Friday 12 November and is open to all COP26 accredited media and non-accredited media on presentation of their bona fide press credentials.

COP26 home page.   Twitter @COP26

Information on roads and rail, follow Transport Scotland @trafficscotland

GetReadyScotland info on traffic, travel and road closures

Glasgow City Council: [email protected] 

UK Government:  [email protected]

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