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NUJ submission to the House of Lords Communications and Digital committee Future of News inquiry

Union views on the role of artificial intelligence, impartiality and trust in news and necessary changes to the Media Bill are among themes discussed in our evidence.


21 Feb 2024
NUJ submission to the Communications and Digital Committee call for evidence on large language models

Strong regulatory frameworks with sanctions for AI firms when rights breaches occur, is just one of the union's calls to government on artificial intelligence. The NUJ has expressed its grave concern over the scraping of content without due regard for the moral rights and copyright of jorunalists.

02 Feb 2024
NUJ submission to the Department of Finance (DOF) review of Defamation Law in Northern Ireland

NUJ submission on necessary provisions required in defamation law and detail on the use and harm of strategic lawsuits against public participation (SLAPPs).

29 Jan 2024
Public interest test on the potential merger situation in relation to Telegraph Media Group

The NU's submission to the Ofcom investigation into the proposed acquisition by Redbird IMI Media Joint Venture, LCC of the Telegraph Media Group Limited and whether this transaction could raise public interest concerns in relation to the need for accurate presentation of news and the need for free expression of opinion in newspapers.

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NUJ submission to the Law Commission’s consultation on sexual offence prosecutions

NUJ comments on clauses related to the exclusion of the public and restrictions on members of the press attending trials. We are concerned about the impact changes will have on journalists including court reporters facing considerable changes to their ability to report trials if proposals are enacted.

06 Oct 2023
NUJ briefing on the Digital Markets, Competition and Consumer Bill

The imbalance between platforms and publishers has resulted in large companies including tech giants generating advertising revenue and attracting users without providing a share of profits back to publishers.

NUJ briefing on artificial Intelligence

Union's response to government's artificial intelligence paper "A pro-innovation approach to AI regulation."

27 Jun 2023
NUJ briefing - Online Safety Bill

NUJ briefing on the Online Security Bill, highlighting concerns including on technology platforms accessing confidential messages and placing sources at risk.

30 Mar 2023
NUJ submission to the ICO's second consultation on draft Data protection and journalism code of practice

Read the union's full submission highlighting concerns about advice for journalists outlined in the code, including the way in which it is presented.

18 Dec 2022
NUJ World Service briefing December 2022

The BBC is cutting the World Service’s budget by £28.5m per year from April 2023, with 382 posts (almost one in five) to go. This NUJ briefing explains the impact of the cuts to the service.

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