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Hong Kong: Jimmy Lai’s national security trial begins

NUJ repeats its call for an end to the journalist’s persecution, urging the withdrawal of all charges.

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18 Dec 2023
Hong Kong: journalist Ronson Chan sentenced to five days imprisonment

NUJ joins the International Federation of Journalists in calling for obstruction charges against the union leader to be dropped.

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27 Sep 2023
Hong Kong: IFJ report explores challenges for Hong Kong journalists in the diaspora

NUJ backs calls by the International Federation of Journalists for greater action by governments and organisations to support Hong Kong journalists who have fled the country.

IFJ journalists in exile graphic for Hong Kong report

06 Apr 2023
Hong Kong: journalists report multiple stalking and harassment incidents

The safety of journalists remains under threat in the country with reports of journalists being harassed and followed.

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04 Apr 2023
Hong Kong: Chief Executive Council endorses new programming requirements

Mandatory patriotic programming standards for broadcasters will further restrict press freedom.

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17 Feb 2023
IFJ killing list reveals 68 deaths of media workers and 375 in prison

The International Federation of Journalists has published its full annual report on journalists and media staff killed and those behind bars in 2022.

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07 Feb 2023
IFJ records 67 killings of journalists and media staff

New figures released by the International Federation of Journalists reveal an increase in the number of journalists murdered while undertaking their work.

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12 Dec 2022
Hong Kong: court sentences Jimmy Lai on fraud charges

The journalist and Apple Daily founder has been sentenced to five years and nine months amid ongoing persecution by Hong Kong authorities.

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12 Dec 2022
Hong Kong: Jimmy Lai convicted of fraud

The NUJ has joined the International Federation of Journalists in condemning the persecution of Jimmy Lai by Hong Kong authorities.

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07 Nov 2022
Hong Kong: Ronson Chan charged with obstructing police

NUJ condemns decision to charge Chair of Hong Kong Journalists Association following arrest on 7 September.

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21 Sep 2022

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