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US government must end its pursuit of Julian Assange

NUJ members can show their opposition to the United States’ efforts to extradite Julian Assange by attending demonstrations in London on 20 and 21 February.

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14 Feb 2024
UK government must not aid US in Assange extradition efforts

The National Union of Journalists is alarmed to learn that UK police officers have approached British-based journalists, apparently seeking evidence intended to aid the prosecution of Julian Assange.

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10 Jul 2023
Assange’s prosecution creates grave risk

The Wikileaks founder will most likely take his own life if convicted, says his lawyer.

Assange protest Old Bailey 30 Sep 2020

Assange’s bid for privacy is a dangerous precedent

Unless the media forces courts to justify keeping material from the media, the danger is that it becomes the default.

Free Assange protest Old Bailey

Assange faces first steps towards extradition

The Wikileaks founder starts court proceedings that could have dire consequences for investigative journalism.

London demo in support of Assange

Assange's treatment should be fair and humane

UN special rapporteur on torture says Assaange is the victim of psychological torture.

Assange demo poster

Assange extradition “a devastating blow for media freedom”

NUJ national executive member Tim Dawson speaks at Don't Extradite Julian Assange rally in London.