Continuous Employment / 'Gaps'

Continuous employment is, as it sounds, when an employee works for an employer without a break.

Some employment rights depend on the length of your continuous employment, including:

  • Maternity pay.
  • Flexible working requests.
  • Redundancy pay.

Your period of continuous employment begins on your first day of work.

Some breaks in normal employment still count towards your continuous employment period:

  • Sickness, maternity, paternity, parental or adoption leave.
  • Annual leave.
  • Employment overseas with the same company.
  • Time between you being unfairly dismissed and reinstated.
  • When you move between associated employers.
  • Military service, for example with a reserve force.
  • Temporary lay-offs.
  • Employer lock-outs.
  • When a business is transferred from one employer to another.
  • When a corporate body is taken over by another because of a legal change.

Any days which you spend on strike do not count towards your continuous employment, but nor are they treated as a break.