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NUJ guidelines

Ethical reporting

The NUJ code of conductCover of Disability Handbook 2012

NUJ ethics and protocols for social media
Advice from the ethics council on using social media (December 2019)

NUJ endorses new media guidelines for reporting on Muslims and Islam - download the full report, or download the summary (November 2019).

Journalism post-Snowden: a simple guide to protecting your information & contacts by Vian Bakir & Paul Lashmar (May 2019)

Dementia media guidance - Alzheimer's Society guidance with input from NUJ members and the 60+ council (October 2018)

Fair Press for Tenants - NUJ Manchester and Salford branch guidance for reporting on social housing (September 2017)

Reporting Poverty: A guide for Media Professionals (updated Oct 2020)

Reporting on poverty guidelines - NUJ and Church Action on Poverty (April 2016)

Reporting on refugees - NUJ Ireland & UNHCR guidance
(December 2015)

NUJ guidelines on reporting mental health, mental illness and death by suicide (November 2014)

NUJ race reporting guide (September 2014)

NUJ guidelines for reporting on LGBT (September 2014)

NUJ guidelines on violence against women (September 2013)

NUJ guidelines on reporting terrorism (November 2009)

NUJ guidelines on reporting asylum and refugee issues (issued January 2008)

NUJ Ireland guidance on reporting on refugees (July 2008)

Guidelines for reporting HIV (June 2010)

NUJ guidelines for reporting HIV (April 2007)

NUJ guidelines on reporting age (August 2006)

Media and suicide guidance for journalists (January 2003)


TUCG booklet - Trade unions fighting racism and the far-right: Building solidarity in workplaces and communities - A collection of comment pieces focused on trade union work to tackle racism and the far-right (December 2020)

NUJ briefing for members on sexual harassment (2018)

Leave and Pay for Mothers - TUC Know Your Rights booklet (September 2016)

TUC guide for tackling sexual harassment at work (August 2016)

TUC know your rights: Protection from Sexual harassment (August 2016)

Combatting racist abuse in the workplace - TUC guide for employers and union reps (August 2016)

"You don't look disabled" - TUC guide for supporting members with invisible impairments (December 2015)

NUJ disability handbook (October 2012)

ACAS guidance on workplace sex discrimination (March 2016)

NUJ guide to online safety and harassment (November 2013)

Sexual harassment - a guide for NUJ members (November 2013)

Sexual harassment – a guide for NUJ representatives (November 2013)

NUJ workplace policy on domestic violence (2013)

NUJ guidance on safety for women journalists (2013)

TUC reps guidance on supporting working women through the menopause (February 2014)

Leave and pay - know your rights - fathers and partners - TUC guide (December 2014)

Leave and pay - know your rights - mothers - TUC guide (December 2014)

The TUC has also published a new report on pregnancy discrimination which provides real examples of how women have been mistreated in the workplace with some simple guidance on their rights at work - The pregnancy test: ending discrimination at work for new mothers (December 2014)

TUC guide on Autism (May 2014)

ACAS guidance on Managing redundancy for pregnant employees and those on maternity leave (July 2012)

The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) has produced a range of guidance, including the Making rights a reality: implementing the UN convention on the rights of persons with disabilities (PDF)

Bullying, harassment and discrimination

The Federation of Entertainments Unions campaign, Creating without Conflict, has produced a set of guidelines on what to do about bullying and a code of practice to be agreed with employers or used as part of a house agreement.

Creating without Conflict campaign

Guide for NUJ reps and members on how to deal with bullying

Code of conduct - creating without conflict

Guidelines for staff members

Guidelines for freelances

Creating without Conflict report and survey findings

Stress and mental health

Tackling workplace stress using the HSE Stress Management Standards - a TUC and HSE guide for health and safety representatives (Jan 2017)

Mental health and stress (July 2013)

Samaritans media guidelines  (August 2020)

The union has a dedicated section of the website about stress and mental health.

Briefings and submissions

All NUJ parliamentary briefings and submissions are available on the NUJ website in the dedicated members only area.

Other guidance and information

TUC guidance on facility time for reps (April 2017)

In March 2017, the working time, breaks and holidays - know your rights booklet was published by the TUC. The law relating to your working time is complicated. Some bad employers take advantage of this to deny staff their rights. Others may not understand what the law requires. Step by step, the booklet explains weekly hours limits and night working limits; and your rights to breaks, rest periods and paid holiday. The booklet is just a short guide, not a full statement of the law. If your rights are being ignored get advice from the NUJ.


Exploiting the Dream: your guide to work experience and internships:NUJ guidelines on work experience, internships and volunteering.

Going Solo: An NUJ guide for moving from staff to freelance photography.

Safety guide for journalists 2015 - a handbook for reporters in high-risk environments.

NUJ and NUS student media guide (October 2015)

ICO: Data protection and journalism: a guide for the media (September 2014)

ICO: Quick guide on data protection for the media (September 2014)

iSpy: How the NSA accesses smartphone data
By Marcel Rosenbach, Laura Poitras and Holger Stark


Information Security for Journalists handbook published with the Centre for Investigative Journalism.

UN: Reporting on corruption – a resource tool for governments and journalists (January 2014)

There is more information available in the research section of the NUJ website.

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