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NUJ Training

 Reps’ and professional training

The NUJ has suspended office-based reps’ training in light of the Covid-19 situation and has launched a range of online courses related to the present crisis, the reps' training programme, health and safety and professional development workshops via Zoom. Check NUJ Active for new courses & TRAINING DIARY. Email tutraining@ for any queries concerning training. Bespoke workshops are available for chapels and branches on request.

Helping you to stay fit and healthy at home and work: this NUJ webinar by Caroline Holmes, sets out ideas and strategies to deal positively with some of the challenges they are facing because of Covid 19. The focus is not just about surviving at work and home, but how to thrive, be productive, and positive throughout this uncertain time.  You can watch it on Youtube.  

Caroline Holmes has published a set of webinars to help reps during the Coivd-19 crisis.  

Scottish Training has scheduled their online courses for September and October and they are available to all NUJ members at a cost of £25 (Scottish members may be eligible for funding under the Scottish Development and Learning Fund). Zoom training sessions: Fact checking; Filming for i-devices; editing for i-movie; Feature writing. The effective freelance; Adobe photoshop introduction; The book route; Podcasting; All you need to know to be a great news writer; Libel in the UK; Wordpress introduction; The entrepreneurial freelance; Advanced social media. Online interactive courses: Collaborative leadership; English for journalists; Text handling (subbing) online; Media awareness; Digital health and safety. Free courses: Psychological first aid; Tackling stress; Local Scottish trade union history. To book your place(s), please provide your name and NUJ membership number to

NUJ Training Wales/Cymru and the Federation of Entertainment Unions  (for members in England) also have online offerings.

The NUJ's courses for would-be and new freelances, First steps in freelancing and Winning and negotiating freelance work will next be taking place in October. Go to the events pages for more details.

SOLAS eCollege, which provides a range of interactive online learning courses, is making them temporarily available free of charge to Irish members.

The NUJ is committed to providing members with the advice and skills they need to pursue a successful career in the media, or act as an effective union rep.

How to book a place on the NUJ's courses. Select below from professional or trade union training and click on to the course you are interested in. You will be able to book online.

If you need help or more information on Professional training courses email

If you need help or more information on Trade Union training courses email

Professional training

                                                 Mark Thomas

The NUJ runs a wide range of skills-development programmes. Along with careers advice, we run courses from feature writing to web design to multi-platform courses using all the latest digital technologies. The courses can also help you launch yourself as a freelance, enhance your negotiating skills and help you manage your finances.

By working closely with members, prominent industry bodies, universities and colleges, we can provide a wide array of courses that are topical and tailored to the needs of journalists today.

Read 10 reasons to go on an NUJ professional training course.

See all professional training courses.

See the fees for NUJ professional training courses.

The NUJ's professional training work is overseen by a professional training committee, Profcom, comprising elected lay members.

Trade union training

The NUJ is committed to providing free, high-quality training for its reps, a crucial factor in building effective union representation on behalf of members. It's four-stage programme shows how to put together a pay claim, deal with a bullying manager, create an active chapel, negotiate a robust house agreement and all the skills needed to be a successful rep.

The NUJ offers a range of practical trade union training courses – all free to members.

All representatives, experienced and new, are encouraged to get trained, enabling the union to increase its effectiveness within the industry for the benefit of all members.

See all trade union training courses.

Diary of  trade union training courses

Download Your handy guide to NUJ reps' training

Customised training workshops

The NUJ can organise bespoke training for groups of members, chapels or branches when there is no specific course available to meet their needs.

Each workshop focuses on the topics most relevant to the individual branch, such as introducing new members to the workings of the NUJ and exploring the advantages of being a member. 

Contact to inquire about organising a customised training workshop.

NUJ Training Scotland

NUJ Training Scotland offers a full range of professional courses and skills training. They offer in-class practical training courses for individuals, both NUJ members and non-members, throughout the year and these can be offered at different locations.

See all training events in Scotland.

NUJ Training Wales

With continued funding from the Welsh Government, NUJ Training Wales offers subsidised, practical, hands-on courses in new media and journalism skills.

See all training events in Wales.

TUC Education

The Trade Union Congress has a complete list of all TUC Education courses for reps and officers. You can search the TUC Education course directory.

Federation of Entertainment Unions

The FEU runs a range of  free workshops, webinars and online courses which are available to NUJ members.  List of courses and free workshops on the FEU website.

Training in Ireland

The People's College for Continuing Education and Training in Ireland is a voluntary body set up in 1948 to provide workers' education. It continues to offer general adult education - languages, social political studies, literature, art appreciation and cultural activities – as well as personal development and communication skills for trade unionists, their families and the general public.

The college is part of the European Workers’ Education movement which emphasises education for democracy. This involves creating a space where workers can study, reflect on, and react to their continually changing society as well as develop their intellectual, social and creative potential. An integral part of the system is the participation of the students in the decision-making process and organisational structures of the college.

The People's College organises courses in the following areas:

  • languages
  • arts, music creativity
  • social studies
  • environment/nature studies
  • personal development social skills

Search the range of courses offered by People's College.

The Irish Congress of Trade Unions (ICTU) supports the development of trade unions on the island of Ireland by providing a range of union education programmes for full-time and part-time workplace representatives. You can search for courses and trainers on their website.

Union learning representatives

Union learning reps

During the past decade and longer, learning reps – known as union learning advisers – have helped thousands of union members throughout the UK to improve their lives through providing and supporting skills development and lifelong learning.

Unionlearn is the TUC's education and skills organisation which brings together unions and employers to help drive forward learning in the workplace and improve the nation's skills. You can order free materials, search the publications area and download copies and get free, expert advice on your learning and career options.