TUCG demand better on climate and jobs

  • 20 Jun 2022

The Trade union co-ordinating group comprising the NUJ and ten other unions, calls for action on climate and jobs.

TUCG unions have renewed their calls in advance of the cop27 talks starting in November 2022. Unions state:

  • green jobs must be skilled, well-paid, safe and secure
  • public ownership and investment must play a central role in sectors such as energy and transport, as well as in supporting the transition across other sectors to progress adaptation to climate change
  • education and training must be universal and central to developing and enhancing learning and skills to support workers through the changes required by the climate crisis
  • sustainability and environemntal eductation must be embedded throughout the curriculum
  •  workers must have direct involvement in decisions about changes to production and services, and in processes to determine what a genuinely Just Transition looks like
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