NUJ tribute to Rodney Rice

  • 31 Aug 2021

The National Union of Journalists has extended sympathy to the family of the veteran RTÉ journalist, pioneering broadcaster and NUJ member.

Condolences from his NUJ colleagues to his wife Margo, to Cian, Caitriona and Eoghan, to the members of his extended family and to all who mourn the loss of a great friend and comrade.

Séamus Dooley, NUJ Irish secretary, said:

"Rodney was a consistent and fearless opponent of apartheid and a pioneer in his coverage of the developing world, always providing a platform for the voiceless. His weekly Saturday View was compulsive listening, not least because he eschewed the cult of personality, mediating not dominating debates. 'Worlds Apart' provided a window on the wider world and served as a reminder of our obligations to those beyond our shores. The greatest tribute we can pay to Rodney is to remain true to his authentic values at a time when  global solidarity is so essential."

Statement by Irish president Michael D. Higgins on the death of Rodney Rice

"The news of the death of Rodney Rice, broadcaster, journalist and producer, will have been heard with sadness by all those with an interest in politics and global justice, but in particular by all those to whom he introduced a world of freedom, struggles, inequality, famine and forced migrations. That aspect of his four decades of work for RTÉ, was pioneering work. His was one of the earliest, bravest and most consistent voices in opposing apartheid in South Africa.

"Through his investigative work, and particularly his weekly programme, he sought to promote debate and understanding of Irish public affairs. In doing so, he helped to shape RTÉ’s current affairs broadcasting, and the public’s evolving expectations of the national broadcaster’s role in this area.

"But above all else, generations of Irish people and educators will be aware of how much they appreciated his work in bringing the voices of the world’s poorest and most marginalised people into Irish homes, through his reporting in the ‘Worlds Apart’ series, and through his support for the work of many of Ireland’s development organisations, which continued even in retirement.

"In all of his work Margo was his great partner. Sabina and I send our deepest condolences to her and his children, Cian, Caitriona and Eoghan, to the members of his extended family, and his wide circle of friends at home and abroad.
"Síocháin shíoraí dó. Leis na n-haingial go luífidh s"

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