IFJ safety funds

  • 05 Feb 2024

NUJ members can donate to safety funds created by the International Federation of Journalists, to support colleagues in need worldwide.

Emergency assistance and support is provided by the International Federation of Journalists, to journalists in times of crisis. Donations from NUJ members help support individuals fleeing persecution, violence and threats.  

Afghanistan safety fund


Over two years since the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan, several journalists remain in hiding, in fear of their lives and in need of financial assistance. Please consider a donation - find out more on how donations have been used so far.

Ukraine safety fund


Russia's war on Ukraine left journalists in need of emergency equipment including bulletproof vests. Donations helped the IFJ provide these, alongside other essential equipment. Read about the experiences of journalists including those forced to flee cities under attack. Watch a video by the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine updating on the work of Journalist Solidarity Centers and the assistance they provide.

Israel-Gaza war


Journalists in Gaza have received battery packs, blast trauma first aid kits, tents, warm clothing and food, all made possible through donations to the IFJ's Safety Fund. Please donate to allow this support to continue. 


Make a bank transfer to the IFJ Safety Fund. 

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