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India: journalists assaulted in targeted attacks

NUJ joins the International Federation of Journalists in condemning violence against media workers.

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14 Feb 2024
120 journalists killed in 2023

The International Federation of Journalists’ annual list of journalists killed records the highest number of deaths in recent years.

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31 Dec 2023
India: authorities arrest and detain journalists following raids 

News outlet NewsClick and the homes of its journalists have been raided in targeted action by authorities.

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06 Oct 2023
India: journalist assassinated outside home

NUJ joins the International Federation of Journalists in condemning the murder of Vimal Kumar Yadav.

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25 Aug 2023
India: journalist detained by state authorities

Badri Seshadri has been charged with offences following remarks about India's chief justice.

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07 Aug 2023
India: journalist’s body found in river

Abdul Rauf Alamgir’s death marks the second killing of journalists in India this year.

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29 Jun 2023
Peers asked to support proper funding of the World Service

The BBC’s reputation as a world-class broadcaster is being severely undermined by cuts to the World Service.

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30 Nov 2022
India: journalist Subhash Kumar Mahto killed

NUJ condemns murder of second journalist killed in India this year.

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24 May 2022
India: several journalists arrested in recent weeks for their reporting

NUJ calls on authorities to take action following recent cases highlighting the resistance media workers face in the country.

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13 Apr 2022
45 journalists and media staff killed in work-related incidents during 2021, says IFJ 

Since 1991, according to the International Federation of Journalists, 2,721 journalists have been killed around the world.

IFJ killed list 2021

31 Dec 2021

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