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The Journalist magazine October November 2023

The love of small local radio stories, universities collaborating with news organisations, a visit to Wrexham and coverage of the TUC are just some of the great writing in the latest edition of The Journalist.

The Journalist front Oct Nov 2023

09 Oct 2023
The Journalist August September 2023

The latest edition looks at the class ceiling in journalism and how working-class journalists can find it hard to break it into the industry. There is also a feature on AI, and a surprise guest writer.

The Journalist August September 2023

31 Jul 2023
The Journalist June July, 2023

This edition looks at the growth of in the number of specialist reporters covering trade unions, the NUJ's strike over BBC local radio and reports from Delegate Meeting.


16 Jun 2023
The Journalist April May 2023

The latest edition is full of news from your union and industry including a round-up of the wave of industrial action, the travails of the BBC, and honours for Ukrainian journalists.


03 Apr 2023
The Journalist February March 2023

We start off 2023 with an eclectic mix of features from a new world for foreign correspondents to ageism in the media and self-publishing on Substack.

The Journalist January-February 2023

20 Feb 2023
The Journalist December January 2023

What an astonishing year it has been for news and for journalism – a war in Europe, partygate, the death of Queen Elizabeth II. Journalists and their news organisations have done some amazing work.

Cover: The Jouralist December 2022

01 Dec 2022
The Journalist October November 2022

The Journalist’s cover feature focuses on what is the biggest issue of the day – the cost of living – and how it is impacting on journalists. And unfortunately, many journalists who report on hardship - both as staff on regional papers and freelances - increasingly find that they experience it themselves.

Journalist Oct Nov 22 Cover.jpg

11 Oct 2022
The Journalist August September 2022

This edition includes the remarkable account of a sub-editor who took some leave from his job to go to report the Ukraine war as a freelance.

The Journalist August September 2022 cover.jpg

26 Jul 2022
The Journalist June July 2022

The war in Ukraine continues to dominate global news and journalists are playing a vital role as brave reporters and their teams attempt to tell the truth on the ground.


23 May 2022
The Journalist April-May 2022

Journalists and the media have been in the eye of the storm – both reporting the war and for those working in Russia facing ever tighter controls from the Kremlin on what can be said.

Cover: The Journalist April May 2022

05 Apr 2022

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