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The Journalist October November 2021

This issue throws the spotlight on fact checkers – increasingly important weapons in the battle against misinformation – and their relationship with journalism.

18 Oct 2021
The Journalist August September 2021

In this issue, we look at the pros and cons of homeworking.

01 Aug 2021
The Journalist June July 2021

In this issue we look at the difficulties of ensuring copyright is protected both from the perspectives of creators and editors.

15 Jun 2021
The Journalist April May 2021

The main focus for this issue is safety. As the coronavirus, which has dominated life for the past year, is hopefully retreating, we turn our attention to the risk which increasingly face journalists.

01 Apr 2021
The Journalist February March 2021

As we begin to see a way out of lockdown restrictions and as Spring approaches there is more optimism in the air.

25 Feb 2021
The Journalist December 2020 January 2021

It's not long now until we welcome the new year and we will all be hoping that it brings much better fortune than this year.

15 Dec 2020
The Journalist October November 2020

The coronavirus pandemic is changing the way we live and work radically.

12 Oct 2020
The Journalist August September 2020

It was clear from the start of the coronavirus crisis that journalism would take a bad hit.

27 Jul 2020
The Journalist June July 2020

This edition is dominated by the impact of the coronavirus crisis on the media, how journalists are working through it, and what the union is trying to do to strengthen the industry.

27 May 2020
The Journalist April May 2020

The world of work is unrecognisable from just a short time ago.

14 Apr 2020

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