AI: threats & opportunities for the media

“AI is not going to save or destroy us because the question is not whether we can trust AI, but whether we can trust the people and structures behind it,” Nabila Cruz de Carvalho wrote in Now Then.

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Clearly the disruptive power of artificial intelligence worries people working in the media. Threats to the media from AI hit the headlines with two long-running strikes in Hollywood last year. Now the New York Times has filed a lawsuit against OpenAI and Microsoft, two of the most prominent names in the AI industry, accusing them of using its articles without permission to train their artificial intelligence systems.

Actors, writers and journalists fear AI will use their works to create rival products or services without paying them. This event will explore, with an expert panel of speakers, exactly what AI is, the ways it will impact the media and the challenges posed for media workers.


Michelle Stanistreet is general secretary of the National Union of Journalists. The union is running a campaign: Artificial Intelligence: Journalism Before Algorithms.

Louisa Bull is the national officer for the Unite print, graphical and IT sector. 

Nabila Cruz de Carvalho is a PhD researcher at the University of Sheffield. Her research is focused on how generative artificial intelligence may affect the trust of young audiences in digital news media. She wrote 'AI Is What We Make It' in Now Then.

Alexis Gunderson is a leading member of the US National Writers Union's Generative AI working group that produced their policy on AI.