AI for the media and creatives

Join this Federation of Entertainment Unions’ online event exploring the threats and opportunities AI poses for the media and arts.

Is Artificial Intelligence an exciting new technology that will enhance the creative process – or is it something that will take away our jobs?

What is clear is that the fast-moving developments in AI will effect of all of us.

This free, online event at 6pm-7.30pm on Monday 4 December will give you the chance to ask questions to an expert from the Ada Lovelace Institute, independent research institute, to help you understand what AI is.

Also on the panel will be representatives from the Federation of Entertainment Unions – the National Union of Journalists, Bectu, Equity, the Musicians’ Union and Writers’ Guild who will discuss the consequences – good and bad – of this technology on their sector of the media and creative industry.

The NUJ says “Journalism before Algorithms” and is campaigning for the protection against the dangers AI poses to the exploitation of copyright, the unlawful scraping of content, and for fair terms that avoid the exploitation of historic contracts. The use of AI to create deep fakes and peddle misinformation is also a direct danger to the integrity of journalism and democracy…

….and it is also a tool that if harnessed safely can help us in our working lives.