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10 reasons to join the NUJ leafletNew media for the NUJ includes everyone editing, producing content, design or front-end coding for websites, mobile phones and other interactive platforms.

The union also covers those working in social media as community organisers or content producers.

The union has historically organised in large media workplaces or groups. The new media sector is atomised, made up largely of small and medium-sized companies – although we have many members working in new media for traditional media organisations – as well as thousands of lone workers producing multimedia data for non-media companies.

The NUJ established the new media industrial sector at its Annual Delegate meeting in 2004. Within a year, the sector had its own industrial council and a representative on the National Executive Council (NEC). The new media sector quickly became the fastest growing sector in the union and, in 2005, the NUJ gained the right to represent its members at the exclusively new media company, Aol

As cuts are made across the rest of the media and more journalists in traditional media companies lose their jobs, the potential membership in the new media sector continues to grow. If you work in new media and are not a member of the NUJ, join us.

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Key Documents:

Mapping Change in Employment in Journalism and in the Media (2012) – a joint project by the European Federation of Journalists (EFJ) and the European section of the global union for Media, Entertainment and the Arts (Euro-MEI) on mapping changes in employment in the media and journalism industry.

Organising the Future (2010) – a report prepared for the New Media Industrial Council which maps the new media sector to identify potential recruitment targets (members only).

Shaping the Future (2007) – a report prepared by an NUJ commission which examines the impact of new technology on media workplaces and journalists.

New media industrial council

The New Media Industrial Council (NMIC) promotes and supervises negotiations and agreements with individuals or groups of employers on wages and conditions of employment and allied matters – including the promotion of vocational training – in the new media sector.

NMIC also functions as an advisory committee to the NEC and has the right to make representations to the NEC.

Find out who represents you on NMIC (members only).


  1. Shaping the Future 871kb PDF
  2. Organising The Future 267kb PDF