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The NUJ is the right union for everyone who works in magazine publishing, including reporters, editors, copywriters, sub-editors, web editors and graphic designers.

This means people who are eligible to join the union may be working as a freelance for a small specialist title, be fully employed by one of the few remaining giants, such as Emap or IPC Media, or starting up their own magazine. To check for eligibility, contact us – and then join the union.
NUJ officers are on hand to help everyone, from unionised workers whose chapels are recognised by management to lone individuals. At any one time we may be winning a pay rise in a workplace, defending an individual against bullying in another – or campaigning to protect copyright belonging to our freelances.

In the current economic climate the NUJ is increasing its efforts to retain jobs and fight redundancies.

If you have a problem at work, contact your chapel representative first. But if you – or your representative – need more help, contact the magazines sector office where full-time officials and a team of lay officers can advise you further.
Join a current campaign or find out about training to become more active in your workplace. Reps can find out more about their role in the NUJ, and there is information here on the union's structures.

The Magazine and Book industrial council

The Magazine and Book Industrial Council (MABIC) promotes and supervises negotiations and agreements with individuals or groups of employers dealing with wages and conditions of employment and allied problems – including the promotion of vocational training – in the magazines and books sectors.

MABIC functions as an advisory committee to the NEC and has the right to make representations to the NEC.

Find out who represents you on MABIC (members only).