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NUJ members in a single workplace are organised in what, in the NUJ, is called a chapel. Chapels hold meetings and can negotiate with management on behalf of union members.

A chapel committee has a Mother or Father of the Chapel (M/FoC) and a range of other posts. Freelance members who work regularly for a media organisation may also be part of a chapel.

If you want to help set up a new chapel in your workplace, get in touch with the union.

The term chapel has long been used in the printing trade. Unite the Union's Printers' Collection website says:

"Long before the arrival of printing trade unions, printers exercised self-government through the chapel, a term whose origins remain unclear. Some say it is connected to the location of early printing offices in or near churches or a reference to the large number of religious books and bibles that were the bread and butter work of earlier printers. Given medieval guilds had their own chapel; the term is possibly connected to the historical organisation of the trade."