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The NUJ offers a unique support structure to its members

NUJ representation at work

We have teams of volunteers in and outside workplaces to assist NUJ members and the union is organised into sectors:

Photographers also have their own council.

Ethics at work

The union has always stood by high journalistic standards based on the NUJ code of conduct and has always backed members willing to take a stand for ethical journalism.

Contact the Ethics Council:

For advice and support, NUJ members can call the NUJ ethics hotline on 0845 450 0864.

Please note, the ethics hotline is for members to discuss ethical issues only. For work-related criminal matters, the NUJ provides support for members through Thompsons criminal law unit.

Thompsons operate a 24-hour emergency number: 0800 587 7530. Do not ring this number unless you have a genuine emergency.

All other referrals should be made through your full-time official.

The ethics hotline is staffed by ethics council members who have years of journalistic experience.

The chair of the ethics council, Chris Frost, said:

"The hotline is not there to preach, but to discuss issues of professional standards between colleagues. It allows members to seek a second opinion from an experienced, knowledgeable member."

Find out more about the union's ethical work.

Organising at work

Trade unions organise members through democratic structures based in branches and chapels. These are distinct areas of union activity and can be organised on the basis of media sectors and/or geographical areas.

Find out if there is an NUJ branch near you and if you want to set up a new branch then please email:

Branch meetings discuss work-related issues, invite speakers and encourage debate, organise their own activity and recruit members. The union encourages NUJ members to organise in their own areas and the union provides support and assistance to do it.

To inform the union that you have changed jobs, please use this form.

Getting started

If you are a member and looking for freelance work, you can advertise in the NUJ freelance directory.

If you are an intern, we can support your claim for the minimum wage.

If you are a student, you are able to join the NUJ and become an active member in your local area.

The NUJ provides a range of training opportunities.

Problems at work

If you have a problem at work, your first point of call, if you are a member, is your local union representative (NUJ reps). Your workplace chapel and your local branch can offer help.

Freelance members who work regularly for a particular employer can approach union reps at the same organisation and ask for help.

Members volunteer to take on roles and responsibilities as part of their union work and some union posts are elected. Members and reps are supported by a team of staff.

If you do not have an NUJ rep and would like to know more about becoming one, then volunteer to join the reps training sessions.

If you are looking for information about workplace and employment rights, visit the rights page.

If you are a member, but don't have a workplace rep, chapel or branch and need union assistance, contact:

Keeping in work

The union fights for more and better jobs in the media industry.

If you are threatened with losing your job, the union can help but the type of assistance will depend on the circumstances. Please check your rights and speak to an NUJ representative.

Your rights at work

For more information about your rights at work visit the rights section of this website.