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Pakistan: journalist killed in Khaipur by unknown assailants

NUJ condemns targeted killing of journalist Ghulam Asghar Khand and urges authorities in Pakistan to bring the perpetrators to justice.

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10 Aug 2023
South Asia: new report details attacks against journalists and challenges across the region

The International Federation of Journalists has published a new report on behalf of the South Asia Media Solidarity Network (SAMSN).

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04 May 2023
Pakistan: bomb detonated outside journalists’ home

NUJ urges authorities to conduct a thorough investigation into the attack, amid rising threats to journalists in the country.

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30 Mar 2023
IFJ killing list reveals 68 deaths of media workers and 375 in prison

The International Federation of Journalists has published its full annual report on journalists and media staff killed and those behind bars in 2022.

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07 Feb 2023
68 journalists killed in 2022 worldwide

Annual figures from the International Federation of Journalists report deaths spanning continents, with Ukraine the most dangerous for journalists in 2022.

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01 Jan 2023
IFJ records 67 killings of journalists and media staff

New figures released by the International Federation of Journalists reveal an increase in the number of journalists murdered while undertaking their work.

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12 Dec 2022
Pakistan: journalist arrested for alleged violation of country’s constitution

NUJ urges release of Imran Riaz Khan and an end to ongoing investigation.

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07 Jul 2022
Pakistan's government must ensure safety of journalists

The NUJ has condemned attacks against media workers in Pakistan, resulting in the death of journalist Zia-Ur-Rehman Farooqi.

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10 May 2022
45 journalists and media staff killed in work-related incidents during 2021, says IFJ 

Since 1991, according to the International Federation of Journalists, 2,721 journalists have been killed around the world.

IFJ killed list 2021

31 Dec 2021
Pakistan: talk show host suspended following military pressure

 Hamid Mir was taken off air after he gave a speech critical of the Pakistani military at a rally protesting an attack on another journalist. 

02 Jun 2021

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