Rev up your writing

A one-day NUJ course with Judi Goodwin.

Remove the blocks, write faster and more fluently, and increase your earning power by writing twice the copy in half the time.

Do you ever wonder why on some days you can sweat over your keyboard for hours only to produce an awkward paragraph or two, when on other occasions the words seem to appear like magic? And even though they are produced quickly and with little effort, these pieces can often be your best work? How can you call on that special energy and exploit it more readily?

Whether you want to write features, news, reviews, blogs, PR and marketing material, business communications – or even a best seller – this inspirational writing workshop will help you speed up the writing process, eliminate the struggle and tap into your inner creativity. If you've ever struggled with writer's block, or worked into the early hours to meet a deadline, this workshop could be for you.

In just one day you will learn how to:

  • Make writing an enjoyable, fun experience
  • Write with increased fluency and ease
  • Gain confidence and avoid writer's block
  • Write as naturally as you speak
  • Structure your writing effectively
  • Write powerfully and persuasively
  • Improve pace, readability and style
  • Communicate from the heart and the head
  • Inspire and motivate your readers

There will be a half-hour writing exercise during the day, so be prepared!

Places are limited so book your ticket on Eventbrite soon! Waiting list available.