NUJ Reps’ Induction Workshop, 18 July 2024

This two-hour workshop is for all reps, whether new or established. The course will introduce you to some key ideas, skills and knowledge on which you will build throughout the reps’ programme. The aim of this workshop is for you to learn more about the NUJ, how chapels and branches are established and work, who your members are, and how to become more involved in NUJ democracy.

All new reps will be invited to complete this workshop before attending any other reps’ training.

Workshop Outline

  • Learn more about the NUJ, its people and structures.
  • Explore who your members are / eligibility to join the NUJ.
  • What does the NUJ do?
  • How can you get involved?

At the end of the induction, you will be invited to attend the NUJ Stage 1 Reps’ Training. This is the first of the four-stage reps’ programme.

To book or for further information, please email NUJ training – [email protected]

Caroline Holmes

Trade union trainer, NUJ