Health, Safety and Welfare Workshop Stage 1, 16 October 2024

Become an NUJ health and safety rep with the union's three-stage training.

This Health & Safety Workshop 1 is for H&S reps to learn more about their role in both recognised and unrecognised workplaces.

All chapel reps are encouraged to complete this strand as part of their training. This is because many issues which members bring to reps have some kind of equality and H&S aspect. In order for reps to know how best to respond, it is important to have a working knowledge of equality and H&S.

Course Outline

  • Share experiences
  • Understand the role of a H&S rep in a recognised or unrecognised workplace
  • Identify an employer’s duties in relation to health, safety and welfare
  • Develop a list of resources

The courses are aimed at any new rep, a member who may be interested in getting more involved in their Chapel or Branch, or a more experienced rep who would like a refresher. The programme is relevant for any rep, whether they are staff or freelance.

Book or find out more

To book or for further information, please email NUJ training – [email protected]