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National executive council

The national executive council (NEC) is the main supervisory body of the union, carrying out delegate meeting (DM) instructions and running the NUJ in between DMs.

NEC members are branch nominated and are elected via a postal ballot.

The composition of the NEC includes different types of representatives, including geographical, industrial sectors and from self-organised groups.

Every member of the union has at least one NEC representative.

For example, a young woman member based in Manchester, editing a magazine, will have access to support and assistance from the equality representative, North West representative and magazine representative on the NEC.

The general secretary is the union's chief executive officer, running the union on a day-to-day basis, supported by the deputy general secretary. Both are elected, paid union officials and their term of office runs for five years.

Each member of the NEC sits on one of three committees: development, policy and finance.

The president, vice-president and honorary general treasurer are members who volunteer for election at the delegate meeting and are known collectively as the national officers.

Members standing for election as president and vice-president have to be members of the NEC.

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