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NUJ councils

Executive councils

Industrial councils

Industrial councils promote and supervise negotiations and agreements with individuals or groups of employers on wages and conditions of employment and allied problems – including the promotion of vocational training – in their sectors.

Industrial councils recruit and organise in their own sectors. They function as advisory committees to the NEC and can make representations to the NEC.

Industrial councils determine their own policies within the confines of general policy laid down by delegate meetings or by the NEC. They report all their decisions to the NEC.

Elections for industrial councils are held every two years. Candidates for election to each council are members registered as working in the relevant sector and nominated by branches with members in that sector.

Each industrial council may co-opt non-voting members to provide specialist advice. The freelance industrial council (FIC) appoints one of its members to each of the industrial councils to ensure freelances are  represented.

There is an industrial council for each industrial sector of the membership in England, continental Europe and, in some cases, Northern Ireland. The Scottish, Irish and Welsh Executive Councils function as industrial councils for their respective regions.

There are currently industrial councils to cover:

Other councils

Equality council – tackles issues relating to gender, sexual orientation, age and childcare.

Black members' council – involves our ethnic minority members and campaigns against racism.

Disabled members' council – campaigns to change society's views about disability.

60+ council – publicises issues relating to older people.

Continental European council – brings together representatives of NUJ members working in continental Europe, in particular NUJ branches in Paris, Brussels and the Netherlands.

Ethics council – deals with members’ complaints, promotes ethical guidance and provides advice and support.

Photographers' council – a directly elected body to represent the NUJ's photographer, photojournalist and video journalist members.

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The NUJ also has a series of committees.