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Membership benefits

Union benefits

The benefits of being an NUJ member include:

  • Pay and conditions: the NUJ helps negotiate pay rates, hours, staffing issues and in a unionised workplace, you can get more annual leave. The union has had many wins, big and small, by negotiating with employers, taking action and standing together - as part of the NUJ.
  • Equality: there is less chance of discrimination in a unionised workplace. The union supports members and it actively campaigns against bullying and harassment. 
  • Press freedom: the union defends press freedom when it comes under threat.
  • Ethics: the union has its own code of conduct and a range of support for NUJ members.
  • Health and safety: union reps have powers to ensure the risks of injury or ill-health are reduced or eliminated at work.
  • Legal support: every year, the NUJ helps members win damages from employers and clients.
  • Training: the union provides training for members.
  • Events: all members are welcome to attend NUJ events.
  • Contacts: NUJ members can contact each other to ask questions and offer solidarity and support.
  • NUJ Extra: our registered charity helps members and their dependants in times of need.

Full and temporary members of the union who are engaged in news-gathering can apply for press cards once their membership has been approved.


A number of companies offer discounts for NUJ members.

Useful contacts and more information

Follow the NUJ on twitter @NUJofficial and join the union's groups on LinkedIn, Facebook.

Contact the International Federation of Journalists and the European Federation of Journalists.

NUJ members requests for financial help are considered by the NUJ charity NUJ extra and also by the Journalists' Charity, providing sheltered housing for retired journalists and residential, nursing and respite care.

Legal services

Members have access to legal assistance for both themselves and family members (for non-work-related accident or disease) through Thompsons solicitors. Details of the NUJ's legal assistance for work-related issues are available in our legal assistance section.

NUJ members can get legal advice on -

  • Legal emergencies
  • Conveyancing
  • The union, in association with Thompsons solicitors and BBH Legal, is now able to offer members a free on-line will writing service for simple wills. Please follow this link.If the will is more complex, please note this service remains chargeable at a reduced rate to members and their families.
  • Personal injury
  • Scottish advice on work-related crime or personal injury

The National Union of Journalists (NUJ) works with Thompsons Solicitors to provide both its current and retired members with the best comprehensive legal cover available, included in the union membership at no extra cost. This means you can carry out your work safe in the knowledge that you and your family members are protected with expert legal support in the event you are injured or mistreated at work. Find out more about the support available by visiting the Thompsons Solicitors website.

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