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If you work as a photographer – the NUJ is the union for you.

Our membership comprises photographers and videographers, both staff and freelance, working across a range of sectors including news, PR and editorial photography at home and abroad. 

No other organisation representing editorial photographers in the UK and Ireland has the same level of membership or can match NUJ resources in the fight to protect the rights and income of photographers. None have the same success rate in protecting photographers’ rights and defending the profession at all levels – from individual freelances and workplaces to influencing the industry, politicians and UK and European legislation.  

We represent our members’ concerns and strengthen the collective voice of the industry by working alongside other professional and representative bodies, such as the European Federation of Journalists and the British Photographic Council.

In 2018 our legal department is on course to achieve £3.6 million in settlements for our members – that’s £10,000 every single day – and doesn’t include the work done by NUJ staff and reps working across the UK and Ireland chasing copyright infringements, overdue invoices and other payments due to NUJ members.Photographer stock image with credit Natasha Hirst

Services to members

The NUJ is here for you, defending your rights when you need it most. 

The union can provide expert advice to NUJ members on: 

  • Copyright matters. 
  • Disputes with non-paying clients.
  • Recommending what to charge and ensuring you get the best rate possible.
  • Pay and conditions. 
  • Contracts. 
  • Legal issues. 
  • Employment problems. 
  • Technical and ethical issues.

As an NUJ member you can also benefit from skills training and professional development in photography, videography and other areas of journalism. Involvement in the union offers opportunities to network, influence the organisation’s policies and priorities, stand up for ethical journalism and be part of a wider community of colleagues from across different sectors in the media industry.

Get in touch for more information on becoming a member and to find out what services, support and campaigns the NUJ offers to support NUJ members to thrive at work. link needed

There are also additional member benefits, such as discounted insurance and Pixelrights packages and the freelance directory ( which helps freelances to find work.


The union is a democratic organisation; union members make the decisions for the NUJ. Photographer and videographer members are represented in the NUJ’s democracy by the Photographers’ Council and the Photographers’ Representative on the National Executive Council.

To find out more about your NUJ representatives click here

Give us your feedback!

The union needs response from members and potential members better to understand the pressures and challenges faced at work and to provide support, services and training that meet the needs of workers. 

Please get in touch to provide your comments or to find out more information about the NUJ’s activities and campaigns. Email: 

Other activities and resources

The union responds to industry- and trade union-related issues as they arise. Its aim is to improve conditions for photographers and videographers covering a range of issues, including:

  • Achieving fair rates for the sale of images, tackling low rates for shifts and images and companies attempting to get photographers to work for no pay. 
  • Challenging attacks on copyright and contractual rights.
  • Lobbying against restrictions on the right to photograph and record.
  • Campaigning for press freedom and against obstruction, harassment, assault and arrest of photographers and videographers. 
  • #useitpayforit, the NUJ’s campaign to encourage amateur photographers to seek payment for their work and prevent them undercutting professional photographers. 
  • Securing healthy, safe and good working conditions.

Information, resources and guidelines


Join the NUJ

Contact the NUJ photographers' council (members only).