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Freelance fact pack

The freelance fact pack is a specialist resource produced exclusively for NUJ members.

The pack is reviewed every year by the Freelance Industrial Council and updated when necessary.

The 2015 version includes new and expanded information about Turning Freelance (in section 1) and more about Working in a Changing World (section 2).

Each of the four sections is in a separate pdf file for easier downloading.

Section 1: The National Union of Journalists

  • Introduction
  • Turning Freelance – which covers:
    • Irregular income and paying the bills, overheads and operating costs, charging realistic rates and insurance needs
    • Re-inventing yourself and finding work
    • The terminology of freelancing
  • Membership benefits:
    • Subscriptions
    • Rights and copyright
    • Offices, structure and representation
    • E-communication and networks
    • Getting involved

Section 2: Professional matters

  • Working in a changing world
  • Where to get ideas
  • Legal basics – such as (UK) libel law
  • Useful books for freelances

Section 3: Business for Freelances

  • Who is a freelance?
  • Business fundamentals (including contracts and billing)
  • Financial basics – such as HMRC registration, VAT, limited companies, taxation at source and deductible business expenses
  • Collecting societies – ALCS, DACS and PRS
  • Data Protection registration
  • Libel and liability insurance

Section 4: Freelance wellbeing

  • Looking after yourself

Each section is in black and white without reversals for printer efficiency. Members who have accessibility requirements should contact the Freelance office