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Assange’s prosecution creates grave risk

20 November 2020: The Wikileaks founder will most likely take his own life if convicted, says his lawyer.

Unfettered reporting threatened - what Assange extradition hearings reveal

2 October 2020: Assange faces a potential sentence with a release date more than a century beyond his lifespan, the indictment contains a description of core journalistic activities

Assange’s bid for privacy is a dangerous precedent

29 September 2020: Unless the media forces courts to justify keeping material from the media, the danger is that it becomes the default.

Assange trial hears evidence from Kahled El-Masri

25 September 2020: Cover up of his torture by Macedonian police and the CIA was revealed by Wikileaks.

Wikileaks as important as the Pentagon Papers

18 September 2020: Tim Dawson reports from the Assange trial this week

Assange should not be extradited, says NUJ

7 September 2020: NUJ calls for the UK government to intervene to dismiss the application

Attending the Assange trial - day four

28 February 2020: Arguments in court focused on whether Assange's work was political

Attending the Assange trial - day three

27 February 2020: Arguments centre on whether it is admissible to extradite those accused of ‘political’ offences

Attending the Assange trial - day two

26 February 2020: On the first day of trial, Assange was handcuffed 11 times, searched naked twice, put in five separate holding cells and had his papers taken from him

Attending the Assange trial - day one

25 February 2020: The decision to 'ramp up the charges' against Assange was made to try and make him an example, said Edward Fitzgerald QC

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