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EDL thugs must be prosecuted for threats to journalist

12 July 2013: Members of the English Defence League have been strongly condemned for harassment and threats of violence targeted at a young reporter.

IFJ Congress: EFJ condemns violence against journalists at Occupy Gezi

4 June 2013: The European Federation of Journalists has expressed outrage at the extreme violence against journalists who covered the peaceful protest that started on 28 May in Istanbul, Turkey.

Reporting the far right

6 March 2013: Far right political parties have a record of attacking the press, the NUJ has a range of advice and resources about the far right.

NUJ, IFJ and EFJ call for media protection after incidents in Greece

15 January 2013: The NUJ has joined the International Federation of Journalists and the European Federation of Journalists in a call for strong action from the Greek authorities to protect media staff following a series of violent attacks on journalists.

Belfast attack condemned

18 December 2012: The NUJ has condemned the attack on Belfast Telegraph journalist Adrian Rutherford.

Call for 'public hatred' against journalists in Azerbaijan condemned

13 June 2012: A spokesperson for the government of Azerbaijan has called for a show of 'public hatred' against the independent media.

Standing up for women journalists

25 November 2011: The International Federation of Journalists has highlighted the extreme levels of violence women journalists face while carrying out their professional duties.

Journalists attacked at EDL protest in London

5 September 2011: The NUJ has condemned attacks on journalists during the EDL protest in London on Saturday and the union has offered support and assistance to journalists who were abused.

Advice to NUJ members reporting on civil unrest around UK

9 August 2011: NUJ members working tonight covering the current civil unrest within the UK need to plan accordingly and take appropriate precautions.

Unions condemn attacks on journalists in Egypt

3 February 2011: The NUJ has called on the Mubarak regime to stop attacking journalists, while welcoming the release of an NUJ member who was arrested in Cairo.

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