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Ergenekon trial: severe sentences for Turkish journalists

7 August 2013: Heavy sentences handed out to 22 journalists involved in the Ergenekon trials in Turkey.

Freedom of Turkish journalists campaign update

25 July 2013: Report of the second congress of the Campaign for Freedom of Turkish Journalists.

NUJ defends BBC Turkish journalists from Mayoral attack

24 June 2013: Journalists working for the BBC Turkish service are facing a campaign of intimidation.

Stop targeting journalists in Turkey, says NUJ

21 June 2013: Police in Turkey raided the residences of journalists working for the daily newspaper Atilim, Özgür Radio and Etkin News Agency on Tuesday 18 June.

Journalists targeted in Taksim Square crackdown in Turkey

17 June 2013: At least four journalists were arrested, photographers had their pictures deleted and cameramen were targeted by tear gas and water cannon during the crackdown on the Taksim Square protesters over the weekend.

IFJ Congress: EFJ condemns violence against journalists at Occupy Gezi

4 June 2013: The European Federation of Journalists has expressed outrage at the extreme violence against journalists who covered the peaceful protest that started on 28 May in Istanbul, Turkey.

Remembering imprisoned Turkish journalists on World Press Freedom Day

3 May 2013: Journalists across the world marked World Press Freedom Day with meetings and events focusing on the dangers facing freedom of expression and actual threats to the lives of media workers.

NUJ marks World Press Freedom Day

3 May 2013: The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) and the NUJ wrote to the embassies of the four countries in the world with the highest numbers of imprisoned journalists.

Renewed calls for release of imprisoned journalists in Turkey

19 April 2013: The latest hearings in the KCK Press case in Turkey are due to take place on Monday 22 April at the special security prison Silivri, outside Istanbul.

NUJ world press freedom day event: Solidarity with Turkish journalists

16 April 2013: The union has organised a public meeting for world press freedom day this year - all welcome.

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